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B – Piedmont

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Windsong Pottery
Margie & Matthew Nance

We produce handmade functional and decorative stoneware. All our pottery is lead-free,conventional oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. We use our hands, clay, and artistry to create a piece of pottery worthy to use and display in your home.

6109 Brantley Gordon Rd, Denton, NC 27239
My studio/shop is open to the public.
Mark and Meredith Heywood

Mark and Meredith have worked since 1982 to develop a variety of thrown shapes and glazes. Mark’s work includes custom lamps, vases, and bottles while Meredith has added decorative tile to their line of work.

1013 Fork Creek Mill Rd, Seagrove, NC 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
White Oak Pottery
Julie Olson

I create wheel thrown and hand built functional and non-functional pieces ranging from tableware to yard art. I work in gas-fired stoneware, electric-fired earthenware, and raku. My signature pieces are wheel thrown, altered, and hinged boxes.

3915 Rivermont Rd, Durham NC 27712
My studio/shop is ONLY open by appointment and for kiln openings.
Westmoore Pottery
Mary L. Farrell

Founded in 1977. Westmoore Pottery makes traditional earthenware and stoneware, some plain and some decorated, with a concentration on styles of pottery that were made or used in North Carolina prior to 1840.

4622 Busbee Rd, Seagrove, NC 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
William & Pam Kennedy

The art of growing crystals in the glaze during firing. We can’t control where, how many, or if the crystals will grow. No piece of crystalline will be the same. Our shop is set up so you can watch what we are doing that day. Kiln opening every Sat. at 12:30.

126 East Ave., Seagrove, NC 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
Tom Gray Pottery
Tom Gray

Maker of handmade stoneware. Pottery for the arts, acts and rituals of food preparation, serving, and supping.

1480 Fork Creek Mill Rd, Seagrove, NC 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
Thomas Pottery
Scott & Bobbie Thomas

Thomas Pottery is a studio where art and nature become one. The beauty of the countryside with its rich colors, textures, and shapes is captured in clay for a lifetime. Just as in nature, each stoneware creation is unique and represents the artistic vision of Scott and Bobbie.

1295 NC-705, Seagrove, NC 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
Benjamin & Bonnie Burns

We make functional stoneware pottery. High fired reduction and electric hand decorated pots. We make a wide range of colorful glazes and hand decorated wildlife and floral motifs. We are known for our red, blue, green, and dramatic black and white glazes.

437 N Broad St, Seagrove, NC, 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
Stacy Lambert Folk Art
Stacy Lambert

I’ve been playing in the mud since 1995, making wheel-thrown and hand built artistic pottery such as face jugs, lions (foo dogs), turtles, ring jugs, vases, coffee mugs, figurals, and more, creating interesting artwork on most of my pieces. I also create pen and ink drawings.

2226 Nettlebrook Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
My studio/shop is ONLY open by appointment.
David Fernandez & Alexa Modderno

Located downtown beside our home in the historic Seagrove general store. Working independently, each piece reflects our individual styles. A variety of decorative and functional wheel turned pottery and custom glazes creating a range of vibrant colors.

136 W Main St, Seagrove, NC 27341
My studio/shop is open to the public.
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