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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The North Carolina Pottery Center is currently accepting applications for residency positions of varying lengths, typically of three to six months duration. The duration may depend on what the artist wishes to accomplish, amount of available studio space at the center at any given time, and other factors. Candidates with BFA’s, MFA’s, or equivalent life experience, are invited to apply.

A recent grant from the Windgate Charitable Foundation has enabled the Pottery Center to reinstitute its Artist-in-Residence program.

Resident Artists

Resident artists will be selected from a pool of applicants from across the country and abroad. Residents will be chosen based on their goals (as expressed in their proposals), their previous and current work, and ensuring a diverse synergy that benefits both the resident artists (personally as well as professionally) and enhances the center’s educational programs and programming.

Residents will be provided with a stipend (generally $500 per month), free housing (if they choose to use it) and electricity, studio space, and up to 250 pounds of clay each month in exchange for assistance with studio upkeep, event support, workshops, and occasional teaching responsibilities.

Who can apply?

Candidates with BFA’s, MFA’s, or equivalent life experience, are invited to apply.

Visiting Artists

Professional visiting artists may also be invited to spend time at the center during residency periods to showcase their special skills and provide thoughtful insight and encourage residents to find ways to expand their own skillsets.

Spark YOUR CreativityWhere and what is the North Carolina Pottery Center?

Located in the central Piedmont town of Seagrove, NC, the North Carolina Pottery Center is the focal point of a bustling pottery community of about 80 nearby potteries.

The NC Pottery Center serves the wider community of North Carolina potters and pottery enthusiasts and promotes public awareness and appreciation of the history, heritage, and ever-changing tradition of pottery making in North Carolina through educational programs, public services, collection and preservation, and research and documentation. Please visit


The center sits in an attractive, wooded lot and consists of three buildings. The remodeled Voncannon House contains living space (3 bedrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities, etc.) for resident and visiting artists and periodic interns, office space for the Seagrove Area Potters Association (SAPA), and a collection of resource materials.

To the north, across a spacious parking lot, is the 6,000 square foot main Museum building, which contains permanent and temporary exhibition space, a gift shop, offices, a kitchen, and rest rooms.

Nearby is the 2,000 square foot Education Building with wheels, electric kilns, and other clay-working equipment. On the hillside just below the Education Building are two working, wood-fired kilns: a traditional groundhog and a noborigama.

Details of the Residency

Voncannon House

Voncannon House

The resident artists may live in the Voncannon House. They will be responsible for basic maintenance and cleanliness of the living space.

They will have access to all facilities in the Educational Building, including wheels, electric kiln and the two wood-fired kilns, as well as personal (or shared) studio space.

All clay, except as noted above, glaze materials, and other pottery supplies for their own work, will be purchased by the Resident. A modest standard fee will be levied for each use of the wood-fired kilns (basically to cover the cost of wood), and residents will follow NCPC policies regarding repairs and tidy up.

Engagement with the staff and the wider community is encouraged. Residents are also encouraged to network with the wider Seagrove community of potters, as well as the STARworks community, for professional development and social activities so that they may grow and develop both professionally and personally.

Residents will be able to sell some of their work at the center’s gift shop. They are also encouraged to participate in craft fairs and seek out gallery representation in the area. Exhibition opportunities at the center or other local venues -may- be provided based on the duration of the residency and strength and volume of the body of work.

The activities of resident artists will be promoted on the Pottery Center’s website and social media outlets.

The determination has been made that no pets, other than legitimate service animals, will be allowed.

Things to do in the area

To learn about the great variety of things to do in the area, please explore the “Visit the Heart of North Carolina” website. There are tons of great things to do in the area and ways to become more involved in the Randolph County community.

Online Application Process

The online application process asks for the following information, please be prepared to enter that information. You can not save this application and go back to it later. You must complete it all at once. Thank you.

  1. Basic Information
  2. Educational History
  3. Resume
  4. Artist Statement
  5. Letter of Intent
  6. References (Names and Contact Information for 3 references.)
  7. Media – Ten images files will need to be submitted during this part of the process. For good image quality and a fast upload, your image files must be sized around 1800 x 1800 pixels at 72 dpi (approximately 6″ x 6″ at 300 dpi). Please do not submit images smaller than this. Each image should be no larger than 5mb. Image files must be named using the following pattern: first initial last name file number. (i.e., jsmith01.jpg, jsmith02.jpg, etc.)
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