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Art of Clay National Juried Show (February 28 – June 15, 2019)

Fruitfulness by Sooyeon Kim (GA)

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Art of Clay National Juried Show @ The North Carolina Pottery Center. 50 Pieces from 41 Artists from 21 States — It’s the North Carolina Pottery Center’s first ever National Juried Show, and it’s exciting!

Our international juror, Douglas Fitch of Scotland, narrowed the field down from 230+ pieces and will be doing the final judging when he is here the beginning of March as one of the featured potters at the North Carolina Potter’s Conference, hosted by the Randolph Art Guild in Asheboro, NC.

Selected potters: Hadi Abbas (FL), Michelle Arabian (NY), Brad Bachmeier (ND), Posey Bacopoulos (NY), Casey Beck (WI), Ariel Bowman (TX), Joel Brown (NY), Amanda Bury (WA), Randall Carlson (IL), Kyla Culbertson (IL), Priscilla Dahl (PA), J. Casey Doyle (ID), Karen Ellis Phillips (NJ), Helen Marie Farrant (NJ), Daniel Gardner (CO), Mark Gordon (NC), Seth Green (IN), Stephen Heywood (FL), john jessiman (VA), Sooyeon Kim (GA), Yeonsoo Kim (GA), Wansoo Kim (KS), Julia Knight (GA), Lucien Koonce (MA), Catherine Coulter Lloyd (SC), Mimi Logothetis (NC), Andy Matlow (MA), Paul McCoy (TX), Jim and Shirl Parmentier (NC), Nila Petty (IL), Kevin Ryan (CT), Masa Sasaki (GA), Eric Serritella (NC), Hitomi Shibata (NC), Takuro Shibata (NC), Marina Smelik (CA), Rebekah Strickland (GA), Suzanne Stumpf (MA), Sue Wadoski (MA), Lars Westby (MD), Delanie Wise (MA).

Many pieces in this show are available for purchase. Purchased pieces must remain in the show until it ends.

Please join us for the opening reception on Sunday, March 3, 2019, from 1:30-4:30 pm here at the North Carolina Pottery Center, 233 East Avenue, Seagrove, NC. Our reception is free of charge and open to the public.

Thank you to our Show Sponsors:
First Bank (Supporter)
Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau (Friend)

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